Greenville SC advertising agency

Greenville SC advertising agency and PR specialist SHIFT brings a unique blend of talents in branding, website design, content marketing and video production. Day after day, through words, images and video, we tell the story of your people, your ideas and your services in a way that builds new business prospects and creates loyalty to your company.

SHIFT Video Production

At the heart of great video production is engagement. People do business with people, not companies, and a short format HD video gives you the closest thing to talking to someone face to face.

We are a Greenville SC video production company offering complete video production services to clients of all sizes and industries. Unlike a traditional video production house, we are a full-service agency that integrates our production services with your marketing and branding efforts.

Everything is done in-house. We closely manage the entire process from pre-production and production to post-production and delivery. SHIFT has shot broadcast quality video on location throughout the Southeast and Midwest.

Great stories get retold.

Gone are the days of lengthy, expensive, impersonal corporate videos. Short format HD videos can convey the culture, personality and accomplishments of your firm. Showcase your achievements in safety, quality, service and innovation. Tell how you are a committed to investing in your people and your business. Share how your staff members are great stewards of your community.

Dynamic video production goes beyond serving as a sales tool. When you speak from the heart and shoot video in your natural environment, you bring authenticity and compassion to the conversation. Video can have a profound impact on your employer brand, engaging your workforce and inspiring prospective candidates.

An experienced Greenville SC video production company, SHIFT builds creative solutions for clients who seek to target customers, build awareness and drive brand interaction.

  • Corporate Videos
  • Sales and Marketing Videos
  • Testimonials
  • Television Commercials
  • Trade Show Loops
  • Product Demos
  • Educational Programs
  • Safety and Training Videos
  • Event Promotion and Wrap-Up Videos