Greenville SC advertising agency

Greenville SC advertising agency and PR specialist SHIFT brings a unique blend of talents in branding, website design, content marketing and video production. Day after day, through words, images and video, we tell the story of your people, your ideas and your services in a way that builds new business prospects and creates loyalty to your company.

SHIFT Brand Development

Large or small, successful organizations have their own unique DNA … a blend of their vision, values, expertise, history and human resources. branding-aecAt SHIFT,  a Greenville SC agency deeply rooted in brand development, we have a process and talent for translating these elements into an identity that projects the essence of your company.

branding-heartlandFrom logo design to all aspects of brand behavior, we work collaboratively to leverage your unique strengths and differentiate you among your peers.

branding-tandemMost brand development agencies stop there. At SHIFT, we weave your brand strategy into an affordable communications program that brings life and purpose to your positioning month after month.  SHIFT helps a company evolve, both internally and externally, with its message, identity and positioning of its brand.

Question: Does your brand image measure up to the true strengths of your business?