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The roots of Proaxis go back to the 80s, to the U.S. Olympic Ski Team. It was the dawn of Sports Medicine. Founders Topper Hagerman and John Atkins, working in collaboration with some of the world’s most innovative orthopedic surgeons, were completely reframing the concept of physical therapy for elite athletes. Body, mind and spirit … working together to overcome and conquer. In 2005, the spirit of Hagerman and Atkins headed east, to the Upstate. The story lives on.

SHIFT Proaxis Don't Just Recover, Conquer

On a three-day “Discovery” mission to Vail, we talked extensively with Hagerman and Atkins. We experienced the company culture first hand … the drive to do more than just rehab. We translated it into four words.


Proaxis teamed up with the Steadman Hawkins Clinic of the Carolinas to launch the revolutionary Total Joint Health program. The challenge was to engage people living with pain but not actively considering knee or hip replacement. This ad was conceived by SHIFT to bring awareness of this transformative program.

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SHIFT Proaxis 360StudentAthlete Video


Developed by Proaxis and GHS, 360StudentAthlete surrounded teens who aspired to play sports in college with a total solution for strength training, nutrition, motivation, time-management, as well as a comprehensive physical assessment. This poignant video was created by SHIFT to explain the concept to interested families. Watch the video.

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