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Find Great People International Inc. is one of the fastest-growing talent management firms in America. By offering executive search, professional staffing and human resources consulting, FGP serves great companies in all stages of the employment life cycle. Composed of multiple entities, however, FGP felt their story was lost in translation. That’s when they called SHiFT.

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The Highest Levels Of Leadership.

Today FGP works to find the right C-Suite and senior-level candidates within some of the most respected national and multinational brands. Thought-provoking industrial papers on talent decisions within healthcare, manufacturing, technology and other sectors position FGP as an authority in executive search and leadership.

Uncovering The DNA Of An Enterprise.

FGP develops strong relationships with its client companies. They seek to understand a company’s culture, mission, reputation and strategy to serve others, pursue excellence and grow profitability. Equally, FGP seeks to keep their clients informed with weekly articles and monthly newsletters that provide timely employment news, leadership tips and career advice.

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Seeds of Opportunity.

Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin are powerful tools for FGP to connect with active candidates. Social media also increases visibility with passive candidates who may be open to a career transition. Daily updates include job postings, career advice and steps toward better work-life balance. Among local peer groups, FGP has outperformed the competition in reach and engagement.

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