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For more than 30 years Automation Engineering Co. designed and built customized automated industrial equipment. By 2011, however, the company was heading down a different path. AEC now produces radical handling equipment to the world’s tube and pipe industry. Faced with an awareness battle among international giants, SHIFT helped AEC retool its image.


AEC entrusted its brand strategy to SHIFT. Building on a 30-year story of automation precision, we led the design and a production work of a new masthead and website that is iconic, timeless and recognizable. Now AEC speaks the same language as its customers. We changed the market’s perception by giving AEC a voice, including stunning photography and video that shows AEC’s world-class capabilities.

Automation Engineering Video

Pioneers of Pipe Handling

AEC is bringing a full spectrum of new and emerging technologies to the tubular goods industry. Thousands of engineering hours have gone into research and development. Through corporate videos produced by SHIFT, customers get to learn how an AEC handling system improves reliability, uptime and serviceability.

SHIFT Automation Engineering Zero Campaign

AEC has developed an all-electric, automated solution that requires little to no operator intervention, is environmentally friendly, and safely handles tube and pipe up to 9,000 pounds. AEC’s Zero Impact Handling System was featured in Tube & Pipe Technology magazine with the help of SHIFT. We also designed trade show booths for the 2014 AMM’s Steel + Tube Pipe Conference in Houston and Tube 2014 in Düsseldorf, Germany..

The Best Way To Predict The Future Is To Create It.

AEC’s journey is a story of ambition and diligence. With clear action AEC is producing sustained results. Today, AEC is working with some of the largest steelmakers and most trusted manufacturers of oil and gas components in the world. We’re honored to be along for the ride.

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