The Difference Is Video

Back in 2010, I realized that having an in-house person skilled in producing smart corporate videos for dynamic organizations in the Greenville SC region would give our clients an edge on their competitors. We knew we had to price them reasonably and produce them quickly.

The only way to do that was to be the first marketing firm to hire a talented young videographer. We did it and we’ve never looked back. We’ve traveled to 11 states to produce over 250 videos that have collectively been viewed over 50,000 times.

The Unique Appeal of a Short Video

What our clients say they love most about SHIFT video is the way these short pieces capture the real essence of an organization in one or two minutes. As it demonstrates expertise and innovation, each video reveals the human side – the warmth and dedication that comes from you and your people. We believe this is our true mission.

See What You Think

Here’s a 1-minute video in which a senior manager at Tindall Corporation explains the benefits of Tindall’s approach to precast. Watch how much can be revealed in just over 60 seconds.

To see other examples of our video work, click here.

Video As Part of a Total Communications Strategy

As a marketing resource, we don’t just produce videos. We integrate them into a total communications program that includes:

  • Website Design
  • Email Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • LinkedIn and other Social Media platforms
  • Company YouTube channel
  • Sales Presentations
  • Events and Tradeshows
  • Talent recruitment

Click here to learn more about SHIFT content programs.

SHIFT: An Essential Marketing Resource

Since the recession of 2008, we’ve been able to build a stable, talented team that’s the perfect size for cost-conscious organizations looking to grow. Our services have been narrowed down to provide everything a growing B2B firm needs today to project the values, leadership and competence within its peer group. I’m proud to say that the SHIFT client list includes many of South Carolina’s most respected companies.

We’d appreciate the opportunity to talk about your challenges and opportunities. Feel free to email me to get the ball rolling.

Mike Harrison