What’s the Perfect Length for a Corporate Video?


Intuitively, everyone knows shorter is better. The question is how short should a corporate video be?

We’re feeling 60-seconds to about a minute-and-a-half. Research backs it up.

A year ago, the video hosting company Wistia updated a study of 564,710 videos. Their conclusion: 2 minutes is the sweet spot (see chart).

Add to that, research posted by Visible Measures tells us to “expect to lose 20% of your audience within the first 10 seconds, 33% within the first 30-seconds, 44% by the end of your video.”

Here’s a 67-second video we filmed and produced last month for Automation Engineering, here in Greenville.

As you watch the piece, keep in mind these guidelines we try to follow for B2B video:

• Use real people to tell the story; professional voiceovers often come across as fake.
• Make the opening seconds of a video graphically interesting.
• Frame the video in the opening 10 seconds; clearly state the purpose and put the benefit up front.
• Guide viewers through the video. Tell them what they’re seeing and why it’s important.
• Use text on the screen to reinforce the story and support key points.
• Finish strong: Bring the ideas together and position your company as a smart solution.


A Foolish Consistency is the Hobgoblin of Little Minds.

If you’re fuzzy on your Ralph Waldo Emerson, the point is that rules are made to be broken. So when you’re marketing expensive products and seeking to appeal to a prospect’s emotional and rational sides, longer and more cinematic videos can be highly effective. Your goal isn’t to get 80% engagement; it’s to find a few people who really care about your offer.

Just remember that longer videos must let a story unfold gracefully and aesthetically. The longer you’re asking someone to stay engaged, the more you have to do to reward their interest.