This Is How Great Organizations Act.


Last fall, SHIFT was honored to be asked to create a series of corporate videos for Tindall Corporation, drawing from shoots at completed projects in New Orleans, as well as production facilities in Spartanburg and Moss Point, MS. Tindall is one of the true leadership companies in the field of precast concrete.

Here’s one of the first videos from the series. As interesting as Tindall’s modern production facility is, what’s more poignant is the pride that Robert Warren and his team have in their work. Watch a minute or two and you’ll see what I mean.


A Mentoring Program that Changes Lives and Communities

As great as the quality and commitment to customer satisfaction is, the essence of Tindall is the culture that’s been cultivated, year after year, in each of its plants.

Part of what makes Tindall the company it is happens every morning at 5 a.m., rain or shine. Teams come together to plan the day, discussing every aspect of the production work they’ll execute over the next eight hours.

You probably expect that. What you don’t realize is the extent that Tindall cares for every man and woman in its workforce. The company encourages mentoring relationships between managers and employees. There are regular coaching sessions that explore work-related issues, family dynamics and spiritual growth. It’s in these hours that lives can truly change, and the impact goes well beyond Tindall’s plants into homes and the community.

You get a little of that as Spartanburg Plant Manager Scott Boling talks about how Tindall’s workforce makes such a difference in this 60-second video.


Building a Family at Tindall

Tindall is a fascinating company, routinely collaborating to produce some of the most architecturally interesting structures in the South. But more than the awards is the genuine depth of Tindall’s commitment to each employee.

I don’t know this for a fact, but I believe that Tindall’s mentoring program wasn’t instituted for any public notoriety or because it helps them make a better product. I believe they do it because this is what a caring family does. They care about the employee. Not just the 8 hours on the clock, but the other 16, as well. This is Tindall’s higher purpose.

The unintended result of all this is an employee who is engaged in his work and loyal to his company.

Two months ago, I wrote a piece about Clemson Head Football Coach Dabo Swinney discussing the same idea. Here’s what he said: “The game of football gave me clarity for my life, and it gave me an opportunity to use the game that I love for a bigger purpose. And that’s to shape young men.”

It’s no coincidence that the notion of “family” is one of the powerful themes at Clemson, just as it’s part of the day-to-day mission at Tindall. This is the way great organizations act.