Greenville SC Advertising Agency

Greenville SC advertising agency and PR specialist SHIFT brings a unique blend of talents in branding, website design, content marketing and video production. Day after day, through words, images and video, we tell the story of your people, your ideas and your services in a way that builds new business prospects and creates loyalty to your company. In relationship to society, culture and technology, the advertising world has changed. The rise in consumer-generated media has greatly influenced consumer opinions and behaviors. Criticism of advertising is not a phenomenon, and yet, we cannot ignore the impact advertising. Advertising can provide valuable information about a product or service. It can entertain us, make us laugh and force us to pause and think. Ironically, because of the negative attitudes and skepticism most people have about advertising, few marketing firms call themselves an advertising agency. And yet, the media mix has dramatically changed. No longer is advertising only for multinational brands. Local, regional and national brands can now take advantage of the traditional vehicles of television, radio, print, outdoor, point-of-sale and package design, while also tapping Internet advertising, blogging, social media and online video. With every advertising campaign, SHIFT performs a competitive analysis, establishing objectives and goals, demographics and the target audience. For companies involved in international markets, we take into account globalization and localization of advertising copy. SHIFT has experience within the following industries: architecture and construction, banking and finance, business services, education, entertainment, environmental causes, health and wellness, legal profession, manufacturing and the nonprofit sector. Our advertising work includes consumer marketing, business-to-business marketing, professional services, industrial products and services, and public opinion promotions. As a full-service advertising agency, SHIFT can provide the design, copywriting, art direction, filming, photography, sound and talent to your marketing message. Whether you seek to inform and be serious, take an emotional approach, or be creative and silly, we seek to create opportunity through a targeted marketing strategy. Whether or not your advertising campaign is designed to drive traffic to your website, your customers will almost always seek you online. Google, Bing and Yahoo have become the great qualifiers. Google alone averages 4.7 billion searches a day. And while research has shown that online consumer opinions are one of the most trusted forms of advertising, that same research revealed consumers place just as much trust in a company’s website. Our two cents: A website that is not in sync with your advertising message will make customers nervous. Your website is critical to your success in advertising.

The essence of a business is the story of your people. At SHIFT, we help great organizations reveal the remarkable human spirit that lies within.